[CQ-Contest] Local club radius discussion

Milt Jensen miltj at aepnet.com
Wed May 13 22:07:39 EDT 1998

Excellent point Jim.  And when you get out where I live, there are only
5 licensed hams (including NCTs) in the whole county.  If the radius
were to be 50 miles, perhaps there are 50 hams.  Sooooooo!!!  Nothing is
perfect for everyone.  73, es good luck de Milt, N5IA

Jim Lowman wrote:
> Jim Pratt wrote:
> >
> > The main argument in favor of increasing the size of the local club
> > circle (currently defined as a 20-mile radius of the club's center) is
> > that it is "difficult to find ten good entries within that 20 mile
> > radius" for a contest. -snip-
> >
> > Our club's 20-mile radius certainly doesn't take in a huge urban area
> > such as San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego.  The Sacramento Valley
> > is still relatively sparsely populated;  yet we have created a large
> > number of good contesters and spurred a lot of activity.  Remember back
> > 15 or 20 years ago when it was hard to work SV in the Sweepstakes?  Has
> > anyone missed that section in recent years?  We take a lot of credit for
> > the explosion of activity in our section...
> I suspect that it's going to be difficult to reach a happy medium on
> this issue.
> Much has to do with geography and demographics so, for various parts of
> the
> country, there will be advantages and disadvantages of both the current
> rules
> and any proposed change to them.
> In this area of SoCal, there are at least three local clubs that would
> fall
> within a 20-mile radius of our club.  We have members in common with all
> three.  In that regard, the 20-mile rule works out pretty well.
> Let's take another scenario, in the same area.  Suppose that someone
> decides
> to form the San Bernardino County Contest Club.  In theory, anyone
> residing in SB
> County would be eligible to belong and participate.  However, there are
> communities that are located more than 150 miles from the center of
> population
> in the far southwestern part of the county.  Now, you get back east, the
> same area (> 21,000 square miles) might overlap into several states.
> What, exactly, determines the center of the circle for the 20-mile
> radius,
> especially in the absence of any permanent clubhouse or other meeting
> place?
> I'm a new member of SCCC, but assume that I would be ineligible to enter
> under
> that organization's name, since their activities seem to center around
> the LA
> area, and I'm a good 50-60 miles from there.
> No argument implied; just throwing out some material for discussion.
> 73 de Jim - AD6CW
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