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Thu May 14 19:34:39 EDT 1998

In a message dated 98-05-13 10:22:10 EDT, K4JRB writes:

<<  However, no matter how well the Kachina works I am wondering about the
 ability to work in a regular contesters shack.  Most of us with competitive
 stations spend time running but we also S&P and using a keyboard by
 repetitive hitting of a key to change freq does not seem very efficient.

Yep, looks like ideal rig for net freaks! For contester and DXer it looks more
like IBM PC Jr. (may it rest in piece). There is no feel and instant feedback
between controls and operator. (I doubt that outboard knob would help much) I
think that TS870 with computer attached to it is much better choice and has
much more flexibility and is a better radio (with filter and intermod mods
installed). Looks like another example when manufacturer "knows better" than
us race car drivers. (I offered to help, but no QSL) Oh well, we will just
keep buying older radios and keep jazzing them up. The best thing is to add
sharp multi-pole filters as close to the antenna as possible. Love my TS870
NOW with mods!!!! Just wish Kenwood knowitalls left more room inside the radio
for extra filters.
Interested to hear from any operators with Kachina experience (N7DD?).

73 Yuri, K3BU/7   AZ ..... WY

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