[CQ-Contest] More rare DX in Contests -- HOW????

Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Thu May 14 20:48:02 EDT 1998

 Hello Contesters:
 Years ago I proposed a way to get more DX Stations on the air during
 the BIG DX contests.....but the idea was apparently "offered before
 it's time".  It didn't take.  Lets try an idea here for comments and
 a new thread.

 The Issue:  How do we get more rare DX guys on the air during the 
             big DX Contests???  

             Looking for ideas from anyone/everyone.

 An Option to consider:
             1. Pick the BIG contests that all agree to focus on.  For
                example:     CQ-WW  both CW & SSB,  ARRL CW & SSB
                             and WPX-CW & SSB   Others if you want.

             2. Via this Reflector Forum, each interested party (USA,
                EU, VK/ZL/Oceania, JA, etc pick an area or region of 
                the world, and ADOPT that area, country, group of DX
                DX Ops that have been active in past years, but have
                dropped out of site for say the past year or two.
             3. The person or club doing the adopting would then send
                a friendly but brief letter to the ADOPTED DX stations 
                that are far-off and encourage him to get on the air 
                for the DX Test, say about 3 weeks before the event.
                Include log sheet and a copy of the rules with your 
                letter to make getting on the air a NO BRAINER.  

             4. This might generate 500 letters going out from all
                over the world to these nice JUICY DX stations in
                places like Pitcairn, Diego Garcia, V85, Macau,
                Kenya, some rare African/European/Wherever countries
                all over the WORLD.

             5. If One individual (like me) were to send 10 letters
                out, it might cost me $10 === maybe $1.00 per letter
                on average.  Not too bad.  DX & Contest Clubs could 
                fund some of this stuff too.  DX Clubs that I've been
                associated with often have pretty big treasuries, and 
                they often wonder what to do with it.  Often it goes 
                to DXpeditions.

                I think this could be a GREAT CLUB activity.

             6. That Club money rarely gets used to encourage DX 
                stations to get on the air during Contests.  It's
                often used to sponsor DX peditions (or vacation for
                guys going someplace)

 Anyway, this could be a thread that the guys in Dayton will miss out 
 for a few days, but ------- that's life.  Does anyone else have any 
 ideas on this.  Good Idea??  Bad Idea?? 

 I would pony up a couple of hours to send a few letters/contest documents
 to say....5 or 10 guys in countries such as Slobovia, Bullistan, Joveria,
 and the Bingobia Republic and maybe a few of them would get on the air
 during the Contests.  

 Ideas or Comments????????????????????????

 Dale Jones,  K5MM            

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