[CQ-Contest] Local contest clubs

Dan L. Evans dlevans at hsonline.net
Fri May 15 02:26:18 EDT 1998

Are there any contest clubs within 175 miles of southern Indiana?  Seems
like what few ACTIVE hams there are in this area think contesting is a bad

Just curious,

73 de Dan, N9RLA

At 05:55 PM 5/14/98 -0600, you wrote:
>On Thu, 14 May 1998 15:24:09 +0930 Martin Luther <MartinL at AppDes.com.au>
>>What do you do when there are only about ten contesters in an area 
>>is slightly larger than the USA? No, don't answer it is a rhetorical
>>Martin VK5GN
>>MartinL at appdes.com.au
>Promote contesting amongst the natives!
>de  Tom  N4KG
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Scottsburg, IN
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