[CQ-Contest] I don't believe this.

Bill Hinkle kb3aug at juno.com
Sat May 16 00:51:47 EDT 1998

Just received the June QST. The first thing I do is go to November
Sweepstakes Results to see how I did. What I can't find is a listing for
me, KB3AUG! I worked very hard from a geographically challenged QTH for a
sweep, which I got. I had to exchange email with N1NAV , KR1R and email
my log twice before I got a conformation. I did get the coffee mug and
pin. Does that make "A lucky (and talented) 372 stations earned a mug by
sweeping up all 79 sections", plus 1 unlucky one to make 373? Does this
mean my score didn't count towards the PVRC score? This does not make for
fond memories of only my second SS and the first I submitted. I had a
sweep in 95, never sent it in and  have been kicking myself ever since,
thinking I'll never get a sweep from this QTH. Oh Well, it's only radio
and it's a radio I paid more for than the car I drive! Wonder how many
others didn't make the magazine along with the 1582 that did? Yea, I'm
bummed out.......
      Bill Hinkle KB3AUG
      Riverton, WV                           

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