[CQ-Contest] OJ seen running through airport........

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at ij.net
Mon May 18 00:25:51 EDT 1998

...after getting to the Dayton airport earlier than planned on Sunday,
hoping that mebbe we could catch another flight, it was necessary for me to
scramble to get to the gate.  Thanks to some verbal encouragement along the
way from W2 Shower Cap I made it to the gate just in time.....and we were
able to make it onto the flight leaving to Pittsburgh.......

....after getting to Pittsburgh of course we found out the first connecting
flight to Tampa was the one we were scheduled to connect onto
originally.......four hours later......well that meant only one thing....an
opportunity for some much needed sleep presented itself.  

...I have not done much sleeping over the past few days between late nights
with the Sultans of Shwing (4:15/4:05/6:00 AM!!!!!!) and WC4E's cheery
early AM wake up calls (someone should really put him out of my
misery)......a three hour nap on the floor of the Pittsburgh airport
ensued....never has a concrete slab felt so welcoming!

Upon returning to Tampa we climbed into the White Blazer and headed on

I would like to thank my roomates N6IG and WC4E and all of my friends in
the contesting community for their comradaey....anyone who has NOT been to
Dayton and seen the party at the Crowne Plaza just cannot understand....the
speech which was given by G3SXW about having fun as a contester really ties
in with these feelings!  After laughing so hard at one of Doctor
Bafoofnik's antics that you think you pulled a muscle.....or watching N2AA
have the top of his shining head kissed repeatedly by a drunk Russian
ham.......well......like they say in the beer ad, it doesn't get any better
than this!

I would also like to congratulate my father on his entry into the DX Hall
of Fame and thank BOTH my parents (W1CW & W1YL) for all those free meals,
cool !!!!! It as also very fortunate for me that they do NOT know what
happens AFTER they go to bed!!!!!

In summary:

If someone tells you they saw OJ running through the airport, NO:

it was not a remake of a Hertz commercial...............


If someone tells you that they saw OJ in a slow speed pursuit on the
interstate in a White Bronco, NO: 

it was a Chevy Blazer.....

(p.s. - Since I was unable to find out when the Florida QSO Party was from
K1AR at  the contest forum, I winged the answer...I  told a lot of guys it
was 48 weeks until the next Florida QSO Party, I was wrong.............it
really is 49, I am very sorry for this error..... :-))


Jim, K4OJ  (A.K.A. Spam)

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