[CQ-Contest] Kenwood 930 problems?

Alan Braun albraun at socket.net
Mon May 18 12:52:13 EDT 1998

I'm still using a TS-930 I bought in 1985.  I've not had any major problems
with it but I had 2 different people in
Dayton tell me of problems they'd experienced with theirs & I was wondering
if anyone else has had the same

The circuit boards, especially the power output transistor board and the
main board, have traces on both sides.
Many of the holes drilled through the boards have traces going through them,
to connect the traces on top with
the ones on the bottom.  Apparently older 930's are subject to having the
boards "de-laminate", in other words
the traces pull loose, in the process severing all these through-the-board
connections.  Both of the folks I talked
to in Dayton said that they were unable to ever make their 930's work
properly again after this happened.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar experience, and
knowing what (if anything) you were
able to do to fix/prevent it.

Thanks & 73 -  Alan NS0B

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