[CQ-Contest] Re: Dayton Off Site Forums - A Report (little long)

Bob W. Schenck dx_9m6oo at juno.com
Tue May 19 13:12:27 EDT 1998

Garry.... we are really not very far apart on this....
What we really need is to physically move the Meadowdale auditorium down
the street to HARA arena. hi
I will conceed that the DX and CONTEST Forums should be within the
confines of the HARA Arena if at all possible. The real trick is to put
them into an area that would provide a reasonable environment for
presenting our shows in the best way possible. HARA has never had that
type of area available. I can remember trying to see a slide show on a
little 9 foot portable screen. With all the noise and everyone sitting in
level seating, it was usually hardly worth sitting through except that
you got a chance to sit down for awhile and rest your feet. The
Meadowdale auditorium is perfectly designed for a large FORUM audience
such as what the DX and CONTEST Forums draw.
The HAMVENTION committee has a tough job every year. They have made some
contoversial decisions in the past, but usually react adequately (Not
always).  They have an entire year to try to come up with a better way to
provide us with a higher quality FORUM area, hopefully at the HARA Arena.
Let's hope they find a way to do it better next year.
I still say that another big problem is the lack of BUS service to
DOWNTOWN (where so many contesters and DXers stay every year). Many of
the people staying downtown come in by air and felt stranded by the
HAMVENTION this year. Taxi's were available, but at about $12 a ride, it
just didn't seem fair. Dayton Crown Plaza would not provide shuttle
service because the nearest parking lot was 1.5 miles away and they
seemed to be pushing TAXI service (Yellow Cab in particular). I see that
the lot at Mendelson's (which is downtown) is occupied by a bunch of
tractor trailers now and is not available as it was some years ago. So, I
don't know what the answer is, but I sure hope that the HAMVENTION
committee tries to work on this problem.... and work with all the
downtown hotels for a solution. 
Does anybody out there know how much influence the SWODXA has with the
Hamvention committee? Maybe they could do a little "local representation"
work for us?? Just a thought.
By the way, did everyone notice that the Crown Plaza is requiring a 3
night minimum stay next year??? That ought to upset some people.
Remember! DX IS!
See ya' in the pileups!
Bob N2OO

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