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> According to my roommate at Dayton, there's more to it than that. Crowne
> Plaza is also saying that, if a room is reserved when they are made
> available later this month, the deposit will be CASHED. They say this is
> to blunt the block reservation tactics customarily employed in the past.
> But it means one's money is spent a year in advance of value
> received--something I have not seen in my travels.
> -- 
> Garry Shapiro, NI6T

Most hotels require a deposit payment to guarantee a reservation when it
is made. Usually enough to cover a single days stay is sufficient. I
dout the Crowne Plaza intends for everyone to pay all 3 days in advance.
And as a centerpiece of DX suites it would seem likely to want to give
preference to the visitors staying the period rather than a 1 nighter
who takes up the space of someone really wanting to be there.

I maintain a block of 23 rooms at a local motel. I forward them a list
of names and addresses every February. They wait until then for my
deposits to arrive and credit and deposit them then. That's my agreement
with the motel after this years 15th year staying in the same place.

This year the Crowne Plaza had so many cancellations that they were able
to give out new room reservations within 3 days of the Hamvention.
Obviously many people tied up reservations as long as they could. Their
attempt to have the "serious" put up money may lessen the only "maybe"

This might make it fairer for those trying to get into the Crowne Plaza
and really will be attending.

       73, Bob, W2CE


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