[CQ-Contest] SS Contest Results

Hans Brakob k0hb at juno.com
Thu May 21 00:59:59 EDT 1998

N4KG writes:

>Why are the high scores (high power) listed last in the SS listings,
>under  the low power scores, which are under the QRP scores?
>This results in the score listings (from top to bottom) falling from
>the high QRP score to low QRP score, then jumping up to the
>high low-power score down to the low low-power score, and 
>finally jumping to the high high-power score ( THE  SECTION 
>WINNER in most cases) and down to the low high-power score.
>This hides the section winner somewhere in the middle of each listing.
>If the high power scores were listed first, followed by the low power 
>scores, and finally the QRP scores, a more uniform listing by score
>would result.  (Yes, I know there are exceptions, but the present
>system is VERY confusing and difficult to follow.)
>What does ARRL have against placing the winners at the TOP?
>de  Tom  N4KG


The QRP winner *is* the winner, and is properly listed at the TOP
of the standings.  (QRO is for sissies like me.)

Hans, K0HB 
(2nd place, High Power, MN Section)

"Second Place = First Loser"

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