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I don't think there is any hope to get new boards of a very old japanese
transceiver. The lines of production were surely dismantled and actual
pcb technology wouldn't match old devices.
Once (about a much newer rig) I got (free of charge) PCBs but without
components. It would be impossible to collect all parts of a TS930 digital
board new, either crazy to dismantle the old to rebuilt the new.
Probably the best solution would be to buy a broken 930 (somewere else than
in the digital board) at low price and to use it to get the "needed" part.
Personally I found not only faulty trough-holes, but breaks along tracks.
The best way is to check insrumentally, bridging with wires where is needed.
Unconditioned resoldering is risky because the (faulty) boards are very
delicate and new "problems" could add to existing ones.
Later 930 digital boards seem to be without problems, while the 930 is
not worse than a number of newer HF transceivers.

73, Mauri I4JMY

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