[CQ-Contest] More TS-930 Digital fix

Tom Hammond n0ss at sockets.net
Sat May 23 15:37:49 EDT 1998

Wow!  I've already received a bunch of requests for the
Digital Board fix list.

To circumvent my having to send informational replies to
all those who will be requesting the info file, here's a
bit more info.

Here's what I currently have available:

  1)   A file (280kB in size) which contains the .BMP files
       of each of four the pages of the Kenwood Service Bulletin.

       The quality of the (first three pages) text pages is decent.
       The quality of the 4th oage, the pictorial of the Digital
       Board is quite poor... usable for repair, but you'll have
       to work a bit to find the exact pad they're pointing to in
       some instances.

  2)   A Microsoft Word for Win95 v7.0 file (just created) in which
       I have retyped all the textual docs.  Additionally, I have
       scanned in the Digital Board layout out of the Kenwood TS-930
       Service Manual and then added the hold designations for all
       of the 56 holes in question.

       This file should probably be printed on a laser printer with
       >4 MB of memory if possible.  I've printed it on my H-P LJ5
       and the output is fantastic.  It'll probably print well on 
       most ink jets as well, esp. since the lines to each of the
       PCB pads are RED (print black on the Laser Jet).  I seriously
       doubt that this graphic will print well on a dot matrix printer
       or a laser printer which has less than 2-3 MB or RAM available.

       This diagram is MUCH CLEANER than that in the first file, BUT
       the price for getting it is a file which is 2.8 MB in size!
       And that's ZIPped!

In the case of the BIG (2.8MB) file, I'll probably only send it out
a couple times a week, due to the length of time required to transmit
it, so It may be delayed a day or so... but it WILL come.

Please let me know which file you'd like and I'll send it off to you.

I'm hoping that Bill, W4AN, will give me access to his FTP site.  If
so, I'll just leave both copies there and others can pick and choose
as they wish.

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

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