[CQ-Contest] TH7DX stacking/Ethical contesting

Tyler Stewart k3mm at erols.com
Sun May 24 02:07:56 EDT 1998

If you were stacking monobanders, you could use resonant (transmission line)
transformers, but since you are using tribanders, a broadband transformer is
really the only practical way to go, and Jay, WX0B, makes a nice one with all
the switching done for you.

73, ty K3MM

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] TH7DX stacking/Ethical contesting

>I am researching tribander stack methods and am looking for
>suggestions of where to look for additional information on
>feeding a pair of TH7DX antennas.  I have read and digested the
>Feb. 1994 QST article by K1VR and N6BV, as well as the WX0B article
>from 1995 NCJ (the one that described the winding of 2.25:1 UNUN's
>as an impedance matching device).  I've also looked at the
>commercially made stack matching boxes as well.  I like to
>understand the concept before I purchase an item like that, and I am
>also curious to find out if I just want to try doing something
>myself rather than buying a box.  Feedback please!
>Re: Contest Ethics.  An interesting conversation took place between
>myself and K4RO last month on this subject, that was a follow-up to
>a discussion that ensued on this subject at a Tennessee Contest
>Group meeting.  The issue specifically was multi-op stations who
>run excessive power in DX contests.  The point?  Yes, we know who
>is doing it.  No, no one wants to publicly point a finger.  These
>are givens.  The solution?  Freeze them out.  No one is going to be
>able to operate a competitive multi-operator station without any
>operators.  QUALITY operators, that is.  Anyone can get five DXers
>over to multi-op a contest and do lousy.  Tennessee Contest Group
>members will not participate in operations where this activity is
>taking place.  Sort of pointless to spend a huge amount of time and
>money to build a competitive contest station if no one will come
>and run it with you, eh?
>That's a message to all of you.  Yes, it is a hell of a lot of fun
>to operate a multi-single or multi-multi with great antennas and
>big amplifiers.  If you're operating at a location where QRO++ power
>is being used, you don't have to do anything except politely decline
>to participate next time.  It's working here in the southeast; it'll
>work anywhere.  Peer pressure doesn't have to be blatant.
>Scott Robbins, W4PA
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