[CQ-Contest] Contesting Ethics

Robert Kaufmann rkaufman at total.net
Sun May 24 08:12:14 EDT 1998

K4OJ wrote:

> Soup does NOT
>impress me - finesse is much more impressive...getting beat out by better
>timing/tailending etc - THAT is slick.
>Packet abuse stinks, too.....but something I do NOT understand is how SO
>many hams accept running power as a "normal" thing.

Us L.P. types just gotta shake our heads when we see this kind of thing. The
fact is that there are many more L.P. participants than H.P. in S.S. and if
the Smokers need a place to light up, then fine. I treat it the same as the
Italian 300 w exchanges that I get in DX tests. Water cooled russian
military amps anyone ? 59  KW....yeah , right !!

The real truth of the matter is that fewer and fewer of us are going to be
allowed the legal limit, never mind smoke. If you live in an urban setting,
the proliferation of RF sensitive devices ( not to mention RF sensitive
human beings) has all but eliminated urban H.P. Contest operation in VE
land.  I am limited to 150 w by the government and it was a compromise that
they proposed in order to deal with RF problems between me and my neighbors.
One of the last things they mentioned during their visit was :"Why would you
be running a KW in the city anyway ? That kind of stuff begs for trouble and
belongs out where there's lots of space." ( This is Canada . Space ?.....we
have lots of it, I just don't want to move there.)   I am sure it is similar
in Eu where population density is higher and the problems must be worse.

The future of contesting is NOTgoing to be improved by higher and higher
power levels.( I can't believe the money that is spent in these pissing
contests. ) The future of contesting IS going to be determined by whether
the average ham will be allowed to put up a decent antenna, run 100w and
have the frequencies and the technical competence to give you a Q
(especially on CW).  Without those guys, the smokers are left with nothing
to smoke.

(Sorry I missed everyone at Dayton.......next year I hope)


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