[CQ-Contest] Portable generators and ground-fault protection

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I've seen this happen at our field day site when we used an old HA-14
amp with the external power supply wired for 110v during the annual
Friday night stay up too late and talk and work DX and consume 807's

The GF breakers will activate when they sense current flow on the ACEG
from the equipment being powered.  This current can be a result of old
equipment design (in our case this time), rf going to the ACEG via a
filter component wired from the powering conductors to ground or from
induced rf on the ACEG.

However, last year we ran TL-922 amps (wired for 110v) and had no
problems (except for the X2 score reduction ).

I would bet that you will have no problems.

The powering length restriction is most likely a limitation imposed so
that you will get enough current flowing on the ACEG if you have a phase
- to - equipment case short of sufficient magnitude to cause a problem.

Eric, K6GV
edwoods at pacbell.com

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> One of the generators that my club is considering for Field Day has
> ground-fault protection.  The owner's manual contains the following
> advice:
>    Do not use cord lengths greater than 164 feet (50 meters), and do
>    not use multiple tools and appliances with built-in noise filters.
>    Such use may activate the GFCI and trip the circuit breaker.
> I wonder whether, when we hook up three stations (each with computer,
> monitor, and transceiver), they will be enough to activate the GFCI
> and shut down the whole operation, even before the first QSO!
> Is this a real issue?  What can we do to avoid it?
> Thanks for the input.
> 73,
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Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:48:47 -0400
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contesting, exchanges/frequency

We are guilty of posting such spots, such as VS6ZZZ called me on 10 meters.
That is to alert our fellow FRC members that VS6ZZZ is on the band and
roving.  He may call you next.  Point your beam in the right direction so
you have a chance too.  It also tells you that eastern Asia is open long
path to the south east, which you may have not known.  We purposely do not
post the exact frequency because we do not want you all jumping on our run
frequency.  Besides, he may have moved on.  It also prevents those using
search and pounce in CT from using CTRL F4 from landing on our freq. by
error.  Usually we use 28000 or 14000 kcs., etc.   I was glad when others
spotted such DX.  It encouraged me to stay on a band a little longer,
probably landing a new multiplier.  Besides, it is fun to brag!  73, Bill,
K3ANS ( puny multi station).
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Date: Saturday, March 21, 1998 8:04 PM
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Contesting, exchanges/frequency

>> What was even more annoying was the following type of spot:
>> DX 14000 HS0XXX   Just called me
>> This is REALLY useless since,
>> A)  I have no idea what frequency the station posting the spot is even
>> B)  It does not convey ANY useful information.
>> C)  The possibility of this information resulting in me actually WORKING
>>     this multiplier is pretty small.
>> It seemed to happen almost exclusively from large East coast M/S - M/M
>> really should know better.
>     Hi all - I disagree with this, although these spots are obviously more
>valuable when you have established a running frequency, and I suppose it
>helps to be loud.  I can remember several occasions within the past year,
>while running Europe on 20 meters from New Hampshire, where a "14.000"
>spot for an Asian showed up, I turned the beam north, and the needed mult
>called me withing 2-3 minutes.  We might not have heard each other with the
>beam not turned that way.  I suspect this phenomenon is even more
>pronounced from a VERY loud station, where the DX may only be able to hear
>a few US stations on the band, and he will find you quickly.
>                73                    Stu   KC1F at prodigy.net
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