[CQ-Contest] 402CD Upgrade

Bob Schwerdlin bschwerdlin at hlb.com
Tue May 26 09:20:59 EDT 1998

I purchased my 402CD at Dayton, last year.  It was still in the box...
never installed.  Along with my buying the antenna, I went out and looked
for the book, "Physical design of yagi antennas", by Dave Leeson, W6QHS.
This book covers the 402CD in great detail.  It describes how to improve
the wind and ice loading survival for speeds up to 110 MPH.

The book also covers improving the TH7, 204BA, 155 and 105BA's along with
several other commercial antennas and several "QHS" designs.  This is a
serious book about yagi antennas and installing them.

Should be required reading for all medium to large antenna installations.

73 and Best DX

... Bob, WG9L

At 09:44 PM 5/23/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I purchased W9RE's aluminum reinforcing kit. Mike said the article which
>describes the use of that tubing is in November 1991 QST. Mine is missing.
>Does anyone have a copy of that article they can fax to me? 702-847-7930
>dedicated FAX.
>Thanks a bunch!
>Tom, K5RC/7
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