[CQ-Contest] LogConv v1.50 released

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Thu May 28 11:23:48 EDT 1998

                        LogConv v1.5 is released

LogConv is the utility that converts Amateur Radio log files to and from a
wide variety of formats.  With version 1.5 LogConv is now released under the
GNU license which means it is free software and the source code is now
available.  Users who wish to help improve LogConv can submit code changes
which will be rolled into future releases.

With this new release LogConv also supports the Linux operating system.
DOS and Windows versions are still available.

Log types supported:
Input:  ADIF, ARRL .log, CT7, CT8, CT9, DXBase .sdf, DXCluster, DxInfo, NA7,
        NA9, TRLog
Output: ADIF, ARRL .log, CT8, dBase, DXBase .sdf, TRLog
To get the latest LogConv release or read more about it check out the
web page at:


Robert KA5WSS

Robert Barron, KA5WSS	rbarron at pervasive.com
Pervasive Software

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