[CQ-Contest] Problems that needs solving before WPX :-P

Sean Warner K0XQ k0xq at amsat.org
Fri May 29 10:29:34 EDT 1998

of course, the night before the contest.......

Wonder if anyone might have a solution to a problem that just made itself
manifest. I popped in an extra serial port card for rig control this week,
after reassigning some IRQs I got everything to behave........that is ,
until tonite, when I cranked up MS DOS & started setting up the LOGCFG.DAT
for WPX. 

I set parameters to run packet at 4800 on COM 1, the rig (Yaesu 920) on COM
4, no CW port. I started the program, switched to packet window & turned on
the KAM +.  The friendly kamtronics blurb scrolled across the screen,
getting me to the cmd: prompt, where I typed 'connect nj0m ' & expected to
see the KAM lite up.....instead, nothing. the cursor returned to the
beginning of the 'connect' & sat there, wouldnt move for nothing. Rig
control seemed to be working just fine.

Needless to say, this was distressing. I tried NA (v10.26), same thing, the
blurb came across from the tnc but could not send anything. I got back into
Windows, changed the ABAUD setting to 9600 & started up both DX4WIN 3.01,
Log Windows 3.05,  & WriteLog 9.06, all operated the packet window just fine.

This IS a major bummer! I would prefer to run TR this weekend, WriteLog
does not support the 920 as of yet. I previously was able to run the packet
window within TR on 4800 baud only, but it worked just fine before. I tried
the packet window with no rig control just for kicks & grins, no joy.

Any suggestions? I am not a DOS guy--when I changed IRQs in Windows, did it
disturb something in DOS? COM1 has the same settings it did before I put
the serial card in, did not change anything.

Please help if possible!

TNX in advance & 73 de K0XQ

Sean Warner

Computer is a Compaq Presario 4122 P150 with 32 megs of RAM running Windows

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