[CQ-Contest] TS930 Problem

k1dg at contesting.com k1dg at contesting.com
Sun May 31 13:42:16 EDT 1998

I read the recent TS930 plated-through hole thread with interest, but was 
disappointed to find my rig's current problem unmentioned.

On receive, my 930 hears spurs. They are a lot weaker (20 dB) than the main 
signal that generates the spur, and often have a raspy tone and drift slowly 
through the passband. It's as if one of the unused LOs is being left on, and 
the PLL that controls it is unlocked. It's a real problem during crowded-
band situations like the Sprint and WW CW.

On transmit, the rig generates spurs (most noticeable on cw) typically a kHz 
or so from the main signal, but sometimes further. These spurs also have a 
raspy tone, and really cause a ruckus on 80 and 160.

The local "authorized" Kenwood repair shop could not repeat the problem. 
Realistically, I think these problems would only be noticeable to 
contesters, who are able to discern subtle problems like these in radios. 
Most repair guys don't copy the code, and would never notice a second signal 
drifting through the passband.

If anyone can relate these problem to a specific plated-through hole that 
needs a touchup, please let me know. I am really not interested in 
resoldering all 59 plated-through holes (I'm sure I'll damage the board on 
hole number 57 or so), especially if none of them is to blame.

Otherwise, I'll be selling the rig to some unsuspecting rag-chewer with a 
vertical, who will never hear the receive spurs or generate loud enough 
transmit spurs for anyone to notice.


Doug K1DG
k1dg at contesting.com

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