[CQ-Contest] 2-radio 'noise cancelling' ?

n6tr at teleport.com n6tr at teleport.com
Mon Nov 2 09:41:51 EST 1998

> Another one of our group, Stewart GM4AFF, mentions the
> same effect with his 2 x TS940s set-up on 80m, with one
> radio on a vertical and the other on a dipole, the 
> 'combined' signal seems to 'leap out at you' !
> This effect is maybe similar to the old (Collins etc) Noise
> Blankers which used a separate antenna to pick up noise
> to allow phase cancellation ? 

This is just a form of diversity reception - a concept that has been
around for a long time, but not widely used by Amateurs.

This isn't the same thing as the noise blanker method - although that
is also a good idea that hasn't been well adopted by our equipment

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