[CQ-Contest] 2-radio 'noise cancelling' ?

Jim Reid jreid at aloha.net
Mon Nov 2 09:21:39 EST 1998

It was written:

>> Another one of our group, Stewart GM4AFF, mentions the
>> same effect with his 2 x TS940s set-up on 80m, with one
>> radio on a vertical and the other on a dipole, the 
>> 'combined' signal seems to 'leap out at you' !

>This is just a form of diversity reception - a concept that has been
>around for a long time, but not widely used by Amateurs.

Yes,  and using it via the BPF-1 rcvg antenna input on the FT-1000D
is one of the great features/benefits that Yaesu provides in that
rig.  Put a vertical on the BPF-1,  and your beam on the MAIN
antenna connector;  complete set up and operating instructions
for Antenna Diversity operation are given by Yaesu on pages
30 and 31 of the excellent FT-1000 operating manual,  written
by the way,  be a fellow Kauai ham,  Ed,  AH7L.  

Ed has worked for Yaesu for years working with the engineers 
there and doing lots of translation work and manual writing for 
them.  He lived in Tokyo for some 10 years,  or so.  Very nice
to have such a Yaesu knowledgeable guy out here near mid-Pacific
and living on the same island as I do,  hi!!

Jim,  KH7M

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