[CQ-Contest] 2-radio 'noise canceling' ?

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at ij.net
Mon Nov 2 07:18:45 EST 1998

....a lot of guys are doing this, my most interesting discussions on this
were with GM3POI who is using a FT1000D on 160 meters.  One RX is on the
transmitting antenna, and the second RX is on a beverage farm.  By having
these two totally different types of RX antenna Clive is able to maintain
an average higher copiability (does this word exist??????? 

The downside is that to do this you need a rig capable of this feat, i.e.
an expensive one!  

I have heard of other hams taking the rcvr audio out and splitting into two
channels, then putting one channel through a processor and feeding the raw
audio in one ear and processed into the other - again to get a different
feel for it.

Of course if you are two radio contesting you cannot play with either of


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