[CQ-Contest] Re: CQ WW CW 1997 results...some analyse

i4jmy at migate.n8it.AMPR.ORG i4jmy at migate.n8it.AMPR.ORG
Tue Nov 3 18:16:42 EST 1998

  Hi Guys,
  few days ago, I posted a message about something I find well related to 
  the Timo's analysis. Unluckyly the answers I got weren't devoted to clear
  up my doubts.

  Let me now be very straight to see if I can get something satisfactory:

  1) Is it logical for a WWDX old time score, to mix records estabilished
     before '92, when final scores were quite symilar to declared, with the 
     actual results, so consistently "trimmed", even for winners ?
  2) A score, more than 30% decreased from declared, brings to a victory
     but finally gets very close in numbers to other scores coming from
     logs with much fewer mistakes.... 
     Is it a sign of equity, or is it only politically correct ?

  3) Now, for each "broken" qso, the penalty consist of a 3 QSO removal,
     plus a final committee's "judgment". 
     Leaving untouched committees' final judgments' privilege, wouldn't 
     it be more proportioned to increase penaltyes as much as the found 
     mistakes increase (i.e. 3 removed up to 1% broken calls, 4 up to 2% 
     broken, and so on) ?


   Thank You in advance for the explainations.

   Vy 73,

   Mauri I4JMY (one of IR4T)

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