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<< I wonder if anyone knows why scores still dropped after UBN Computer
checking? For example OF1AF's score was after computer check (UBN file what
was available via access code at http://cqww.com ) 5.5M, but the final
published score abt 5.3M ...and now UT4UZ reports also same.
 So what are the extra penalties? (note: UBN file already had those 3 qso
penalties) >>

You folks need to UNDERSTAND what the UBN report/list is.  It is a list of
FLAGGED CALLS from your log.  A flagged call is one that is somehow
"suspicious."  It may be Unique, or a Bad (not in FCC/PTT country database),
or a "not in the log" call.  Some flagged calls will be shown to be busted or
non-qso's, while others will be shown to actually be good contacts, despite
being flagged.  The "computer" adjusted score is based upon flagged qso's that
are 100% (or at least 99.9%) BUSTED qso's (either a "BAD" call or a "lone N"
call (see several of the past CQ-Contest Magazine articles describing this
process).  The "computer" score can be only the beginning or starting point
for total deductions.  Flagged contacts require HUMAN investigation.  HUMANS
can and do further investigate flagged calls and MAY result in additional
reductions beyond what the extremely conservative deductions calculated by the
"computer" shows.

As an example, if someone (say XX9XX, were to work W3BG as a Unique qso [and I
am assuming that W3BG is a genuine callsign], while W3BGN were found in the
logs of over 1000 other stations, the "computer" would NOT deduct points for
the W3BG qso, though it WOULD be flagged on the UBN list as a U call.  When
the HUMAN log checker sees W3BG marked as a U calls, a CROSS-CHECK is made,
based on band, day, and time.  If it is found that W3BGN worked XX9XX on the
same band, day, and time as XX9XX is claiming the QSO with W3BG, then qso
credit, with penalty, WOULD be applied for the W3BG qso in the XX9XX log.  And
THAT is how many scores are "lower" than what you see as the CALCULATED score
on the UBN list/report.

de Doug KR2Q

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