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Wed Nov 4 21:26:59 EST 1998

In SSB, the last two given when a pileup is really dense, is 
understandable. Often one can run much faster that way than when all 
shout their full call. 
But what I can not understand, is that when I am begging from QSOs 
from 5X, while calling CQ all the time, a guy comes in and give his 
last two (or first two, like the CT's and SV's normally do, or middle 
two like some Russians do). And then give a signal report and leave 
never to be heard again. Without filling in their call hihi.

And how true Dick's other comments are. I think for any DX-station, 
the Europeans (not one nation, but all of them), the Europeans are a 
form of torture, compared to JA/NA.
The occasional lack of any discipline, I mean ANY discipline, is 
amazing. If I were no European, I would probably never work EU in any 
expedition. (that is half a joke). 
>From Heard, on several occasions, I tried to get a call through. I 
asked for 15 seconds for all to standby until everyone stopped 
shouting. So all were listening to me. There was no QRM on my TX 
frequency. And then I said 'Ending AST only, AST only, 59', and then 
all the hell broke loose again. Amazing. Simply amazing..

luckily, from 5X, I am always quite strong in EU. So I can keep them 
in line. Butttttt, I remember the Howland expedition, AH1A, (probably 
one of the law enforcement camps Dick's article is thinking about 
hihi), where we had real weak propagation to EU. Like signals S1, 
evenly  spread over the RX window. Not one was louder than the other. 
Sometimes, we turned the VFO outside of the RX window, just to see 
that we were not listening to remote static or some or the other 
interference. But it were signals. Thousands and thousands of them. 
Puny little signals, all on top and under of eachother, all at the 
same strength. 
And it was so difficult to pick up any part of any call. And even if 
we did, they all kept on calling. Torture, real torture.
And there you are, in a tent, over 45 dgs centigrade, sweat running 
off you body, you have not eaten for a day, you're really tired, your 
coke is bloody hot, your skin sticks, the inside of your legs is 
infected because of the friction of your shorts onto your skin. Your 
fingertips are changing skin because of the humidity. Your back is 
burned to the 2nd degree, because of the antenna party yesterday. And 
then you are trying to dig out those puuuunnnnyyy signals, at a rate 
of maybe 40 or 50 per hour. Only to make 40 to 50 per hour happy, and 
to frustrate thousands per hour.

Then... I think..  it is time for the CW boys to take over. hi





N6AA wrote:

It has been suggested that condemned prisoners be forced to obtain amateur 
radio licenses, be secured into chairs in front of radio sets, and then 
forced to talk to weak-signal European amateur radio enthusiasts in voice 
radio contests.
and therefore are unable to remember their full radio callsigns.

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