[CQ-Contest] Field Day Results

Ted & Joyce Wilhelm k9huh at icss.net
Fri Nov 6 07:36:57 EST 1998

Just looked at he 1997 Field Day results and for the 3rd year in a row
they have once again messed up our report....The call this year is
listed as N9BGL when it actually was K9BGL....Gets a little frustrating
every year to have to look for some little correction box in the next
month of QST....Might not be too bad but one year it placed us as #3 in
1A when we were actually #2......This was are first year at going to 2A 
and it would have sure been nice to see the correct call in the #4 spot
after battling 100 degree tempatures and 25 MPH winds while trying to
get our antennas up....Oh well there's another one next year and maybe
it will be reported right then
73 Ted Wilhelm "HUH"
for :Federation of Radio Operators "K9BGL

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