[CQ-Contest] Re: Unusual contest behavior

VR98BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Mon Nov 9 04:25:15 EST 1998

VK3AJJ's recent slanderous comments about me here are best left to the
solicitors.  Their fees, or the cost of building a big station,
contrary to what he appears to believe, are well beyond what can be
had from the mail fraud he accuses me of in respect to QSLing.

I handle my QSLs myself & have managed to do so well for years given
everything on my plate with the exception of a period where I had fallen
behind, ran into a string of medical problems & still face stress from
the now very real prospect of unemployment or significant cut in income
thanks to the regional economic situation.

Cards are once again going out, with what I estimate to be around 10% of
the outstanding backlog of VS6BG direct cards having been posted on
Saturday or Monday.  All direct cards for VS6UP & XX9TDM have gone out,
too.  Once all the VS6BG cards are out, I will then move on to VS96BG,
VS97BG, etc.  If I can keep up the rate, most of the outstanding direct
cards should be cleared by around the end of the year.

9M6BG cards have yet to be printed, but I would like to try to get them
out before a return visit towards the end of the year or early next year.

Buro cards will then be done & for the V*9*BG calls, I intend to do what
I would rather not & that is to just confirm everything left in the log.
Apologies in advance to all of you who will get cards you do not want as
a result, but it will save me a lot of effort.

By mid-week, those who've waited patiently the longest will receive their
QSLs & I hope that those WARC band, 50 Mc, 160m & satellite cards will put
smiles on some faces in JA prior to JIDX SSB.  The time is short for me to
get through enough of the queue for cards to be in the hands of enough
folks everywhere before CQ WW CW, but rather than trying a full-blown
two-radio all-band effort in JIDX, it'll be single band & the second radio
will be replaced by a second computer so that I can answer cards whilst

Whether or not that will be enough for the likes of VK3AJJ & those who
taken it upon themselves to harrass me on the air remains to be seen.

Everyone is lucky that VR2 remains a multiplier today & this is one of the
few positive things to happen in all the thankless years of effort I've put
in as the president of our national radio society.  While we all know
VK3AJJ's thoughts on the matter, I am curious as to whether the contest
community wants VR2 to be active for the rest of this season - if you don't
work me, who will you work?  Likewise for the DXing community - another season
for 160 & the low bands is in full swing, but who is on from this end to
give you a Q?

Should I go QRT, or can continue I operate as the greatly appreciated patience
exhibited by the majority of you is rewarded?  Replies to reflector, please -
time I spend on email now takes away for what can be devoted to QSLs.

73, VR98BrettGraham

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