[CQ-Contest] Ts940 problems?

Bud Hippisley k2kir at telenet.net
Tue Nov 10 15:01:55 EST 1998

At 02:01 PM 98/11/09 -0800, Michael Dinkelman wrote:

>>CW randomly throws occassional dots and dashed on a different
>>frequency, about 300 Hz away from your main frequency.  It was so bad in
>>Sprint, that it was the cause for me having to get fills from you.
>So.... first I heard of this about my rig in the 8 years I've had it.
>Anybody else ever seen this on a TS940? Possible solutions?

Yep -- the TS-940 computer interface isn't smart enough to keep PC
software polling of its frequencies from messing up the frequency of
your transmitted signal if you have either RIT or XIT (but not both)
turned on.  As a result, if your contest logging software polls the
940 while you are sending CW, an occasional transmitted character will
be split between the 940's transmit and receive frequencies.
Depending on the software's polling rate, this can get pretty
noticeable, as you have apparently been advised.

Later versions of TR Log and CT have attempted to circumvent this
problem by various forms of inhibiting polling of the 940 while it is
transmitting and vice versa.  You might wish to ask N6TR and / or K1EA
what the status of this fix is on their respective release histories.

Unless you have software that compensates for the 940's flawed
interface, you have to either keep the RIT or XIT turned off, or you
can do as I did during FD a couple years ago -- while running
stations, I developed the (tiring) habit of turning off the RIT each
time I pushed the F-keys for transmitting.

Good luck.

73 -- Bud, K2KIR 

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