[CQ-Contest] 1998 SS CW - Are they all Multi's?

Hank Kohl K8DD k8dd at contesting.com
Wed Nov 11 04:37:20 EST 1998

At 03:45 PM 11/10/98 -0600, KZ5MM and K3MM  wrote:
>Hank Kohl K8DD wrote:
>> After SS was over here, I ran SH/DX 'need' and SH/DX 'spot' on this
>> Michigan DX PacketCluster.  
>> -snip-
>> These are the stations who it appears used packet to receive spots
>> during SS. 
>How can one tell if they are RECEIVING spots as
>opposed to just transmitting spots??
>Chuck, KZ5MM

>The fallacy in your logic is that CT and I think NA allow an
unassisted single
>op to log onto packet for the purpose of putting out spots, but does
not allow
>the operator to see incoming information.  This would be perfectly
"legal" as
>far as I can see for an unassisted entry.
>73, Ty K3MM

I understand that CT and NA allow you to send spots and not receive
them and that is fine for the Single Op.  They also allow you to send
and receive them, and that is fine for the Multi Op (or Single Op
Assisted in SS).  Depends how you set up the logging program initially.

But if a Single Op station is set up to send but not receive packet
from their local DX PacketCluster.....

      Why would the "Single Op" station ask for someone to spot ND,
VE3, VY, etc?  They can't receive packet, only send spots.

And I'm sure there are some Multi Op stations on the list, and that is
perfectly fine.

I guess my final thought on the whole thing is that packet should
probably be legal for Single Ops.  It's an unenforceable rule anyhow
and I'd guess the majority of contesters in North America probably have
some kind of packet or internet access to DX PacketClusters, DXNet,
Clusse or clx nodes.

73    Hank    K8DD

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