[CQ-Contest] 1998 SS CW - Are they all Multi's?

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Wed Nov 11 08:51:44 EST 1998

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>  I guess my final thought on the whole thing is that packet should
>  probably be legal for Single Ops.  It's an unenforceable rule anyhow
>  and I'd guess the majority of contesters in North America probably have
>  some kind of packet or internet access to DX PacketClusters, DXNet,
>  Clusse or clx nodes.

Here we go again! 
What the heck, Clinton is still in the Whore House, lets get the 30 kW
Godzilla amplifiers out, hook up the packet, have about 10 spotting operators,
use Call Book when things get slow, and then claim QRP - Single op, - "It's an
unenforceable rule anyhow."
     Majority of contesters are playing by the rules and there are means of
detecting and exposing cheaters. Even when not publicized, some people were
disqualified. Spend your time working on antennas, improving your station and
operating skills. Believe me, victory then feels much better!!
      SINGLE OP is a single person without assistance (feeding stations,
spotting) by someone else, via packet, in the shack, over the telephone, etc.
Anything else is multi operator. GET IT?  
	Assisted category: fishing in the aquarium, shooting animals in the ZOO,
operating with packet. The point of contesting is to demonstrate how good YOU
are, and not how good your assistants are (except multis).
      Sooner or later Billy and cheaters will be caught and embarrassed. Not
worth it!
GL  Yuri

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