[CQ-Contest] CQ WW CW

James Neiger jneiger at xtised.com
Wed Nov 11 09:08:01 EST 1998

It is with deep regret that I herewith inform the contesting community
that, for the first time in years, there will NOT be a NEIGER'S TIGERS
team in this year's CQ WW CW CONTEST.  So, for all those teams
world-wide that have been aspiring to be No. 1, NOW is your chance.  And
for those TIGERS that the chief zoo-keeper is deserting, please feel
free to sign-up with someone else.  In case anyone is curious as to WHY,
I can now confess that I've decided to take this November's activities a
little less seriously, due to advancing age....    

Rather, we have elected to put together a casual little multi operation
for the contest with the sole objective of having fun.  We don't expect
to be very competitive, but hope to work a few of you guys.  Most of the
ops are at, or rapidly approaching, senior citizenship.  You may know
some of them, so please stop by and give a report.  IF they can find
their way to the station with their Heathkit and Hallicrafters radios,
you may hear any of the following, all laboring to remember the code:


A few of the above were able to get weekend passes from their nursing

By the way, we expect to be signing TI1C.

                Vy 73

                  Jim Neiger

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