[CQ-Contest] Never used Packet

k0rf k0rf at concentric.net
Thu Nov 12 15:04:55 EST 1998

Hello All,
	I don't know where this list came from or who put a spot w/K0RF on it,
but . . . We never used packet, asked anyone to spot us or needed NNY
for a sweep.  We should all be very careful about assuming anything from
things like this list that can be created anonomously or even with false
attribution.  We were Multi, but had no desire to use packet or
internet.  Nor did we send others to do bidding for us. 
	Also, those friendly news reporters that feel a need to publish lists
that imply much but prove little might consider joining the media attack
on our leaders, where this type of reporting seems to be greatly

73, Chuck

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