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Tommy Tow wd4k at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 12 13:14:56 EST 1998

After having great performance from the GAP Challenger in a maritime
environment I considered the Voyager-decided against it for the reasons
previously posted.  I am so impressed with the Force 12 products, both
quality and PERFORMANCE- that after discussing verticals just this week with
Tom, N6BT at Force, I am convinced to go with their designs for my low band
verticals--U might want to check them out.  73, Tommy WD4K
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>>Has anyone on this list used the Gap Voyager on 160 Meters?  A friend is
>>considering buying one and asked me to find out if anyone in the
>>contest community has any experience with it on 160 Meters.
>Past reviews have the Voyager only marginally better than nothing on
>160, very good on 80 and 40, and a dummy load on 20.
>73, Dick
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