[CQ-Contest] WW CW approaches....

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Sat Nov 14 22:56:38 EST 1998

"Dale L. Martin" wrote:
> When working a station who has busted my call, I usually preface
> the exchange with his call, my call and the exchange.  If I'm
> really in doubt about the path between us, I will even append my
> call on the tail end of the exchange to further emphasize the
> need for him/her to check and correct my call and give him
> another opportunity to copy it correctly.
> What do you do if the station gives no acknowledgement of the
> change 

Hi Dale.
If he doesn't acknowledge the correction, just wait a few minutes
and work him again.  If he gripes about it being a dupe, explain
how to remedy the situation.  Works for me!  73

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