[CQ-Contest] CW speed - send vs. copy

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Tue Nov 17 08:11:43 EST 1998

> Now what do I do?  Do I send my exchange at 15, or at 25?  That is the
> question.
> Seems to me that I should probably send it as fast as I think they can copy
> (using a computer to do the sending, so the fist is good) - saves the
> running station time.  

Hi Dan, and thanks for the contact in the SS.  

My first suggestion is not to get too carried away over-analyzing this
stuff.  :-) Nonetheless the suggestions people have made are great.

The one thing I would ask myself about this specific issue is "what if
the CQing station asks me for a fill after I sent my exchange at 10
WPM over my code speed?"  You need to be prepared to copy his request
for a fill, or to ask him to QRS at the moment you get over your head.
Another possiblity would be to send your entire exchange again.  One
thing you don't want to do is to send him your CK when he asks for
your PREC because you aren't quite sure what he is asking for.  I
think this is the most exasperating scenario for both parties.

General advice: 

1) if you get in trouble because the code speed is over your head, then
   immediately say PSE QRS

2) if the CQing station is working a string of guys, get all his info
   in your log before calling him

3) if the CQing station doesn't immediately slow down to your speed 
   when you call, it may not be a question of rudeness, it might be
   that he is preoccupied with trying to figure out why his logging 
   program keeps locking up  :-)

If you do #2, then seldom is #3 a problem, unless he asks you for
a fill in which case you can send all your info again, or do #1.

--Trey, N5KO

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