[CQ-Contest] RE: Zero point Q's

Roy Maull rmaull at access.mountain.net
Tue Nov 17 16:12:31 EST 1998

	Well, we are again seeing the annual discussion about zero point Q's.  I
personally don't like them, and think that no contact should count for
nothing.  But, those are the rules and we should play by them until they
are changed.
	The one thing that is of concern to me though, is the problem faced by
those that are loud enough to be heard by those needing the mult, and being
ignored or not logged.  I don't call anyone unless I need the mult.. and it
is always disgusting to be ignored.  There have been many times that I
missed the mult on a band because the only station that I can find will not
answer a zero point station.

  There is NO EXCUSE for not logging a station with which one completes a

	The one argument I find for doing away with the zero point Q, is that EU
in total is smaller than the US, and even when conditions are bad enough we
can't hear them here, they can sit and work each other for points and we
are stuck with nothing!  I don't think that changing the scoring would not
turn a DX contest into another SS.  When DX counts more than same country
contacts, the incentive will always be there to work the DX first.

	Just the opinion of another SOLP "water pistol" station that likes to
contest, and will someday have the money and space to create another "super

     73.. Roy  N8YYS
  Keep West Virginia beautiful.. Grow ALUMINUM!!

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