[CQ-Contest] More sprint musings

Tree N6TR n6tr at teleport.com
Thu Sep 3 12:57:44 EDT 1998

> This would be a good practice if it could be done.  In reality, as soon
> as you send "N6TR", 2 or 3 stations jump in with their calls and don't
> wait to see if the other guy got it or not.  Sometimes I have missed a
> part of the exchange and never did get it.  I just had to stay on
> frequency and wait for the next exchange to get the info.  But the other
> station never did get my QSL (or tu or whatever.)  It would be nice if
> the other guys could wait one or two seconds to wait and see if the QSO
> is finished before they dump their calls in.  73

Yes - as others have pointed out, it is best to wait a beat or two for 
the guy to ask for any fills or send his acknowledgment.

BTW - I still have some slots on the Boring Amateur Radio Club 
team is anyone is interested.


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