[CQ-Contest] SS Multi Band Change is Official

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at ij.net
Thu Sep 24 11:08:21 EDT 1998

.....Jeff, last I checked the CAC reported to the ARRL Awards Committee...

The Awards Committee is a group of active hams at ARRL HQ.  The
recommendations of the CAC are considered and sometimes acted on....and
vice versa, the CAC is asked to look at a given topic by HQ.

Think this was the way it works, when I was on the CAC years back it was
something along these lines.

The CAC reps serve as funnels from the masses, as such you should stay in
touch with your CAC rep, let him know what is on your mind!

I was a CAC rep for three years and the year with the most correspondence
brought me six letters......three of which were about Field Day which is
not even a contest!

......the other letters were not worthy of current SOTA contest-reflector

I am sure a CAC member should be jumping in any moment now....FWIW as
basically a single op who enters as a multi-single so it isn't obvious how
bad K1TO beat me I too am in favor of leaving things alone as far as the
Sweepstakes....limiting band changes is contrary to what makes SS fun for
me - SO2R and instantaneous gobbling up of a newbie on a new band.


Jim, K4OJ
k4oj at ij.net

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not miss the elusive South Floirda multiplier!

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