[CQ-Contest] Scoring

Tree N6TR n6tr at teleport.com
Thu Sep 10 12:40:34 EDT 1998

> I run mostly QRP ( less than 5 watts) and have worked a few contests 
> QRP.  I've worked enough two way QRP QSO's (working on WAS QRP X QRP) 
> to know that the person working the QRP station does most of the work.

True enough.

> My thought was, why don't those who work (on the receiving end) a QRP station 
> receive more points for the extra work they had to do.  I know a lot of the 
> contests have a QRP category and I know a lot of my QRP friends work most of 
> the contests so why not give out more points to the person who had to work 
> harder to get the QRP station?

An interesting concept - sort of along the lines of giving extra points
for working Novices on 10 CW in the ARRL 10 meter contest.

> Sure there is a selfish reason for this - I would be worth 
> more (maybe a point) and therefor maybe be able to work more 
> people when I sign /QRP.

Ugh - I can't really buy into signing /QRP during a contest.  My 
thoughts went towards the SS where the fact that you are QRP is 
part of the contest.  In this case, it would be easy to implement.

I am not sure that his change (in the SS) would make me work more
Q stations than I already do.  Basically, I am trying to work anyone
I can, and the rate on Sunday is sufficiently low, that I don't mind
working someone who might require a fill or two.  Once or twice, I
can't pull someone through, but I doubt I would be able to try any
harder if they were worth more points.

Also, the people who sit on one frequency calling CQ all weekend,
are probably going to continue to do this regardless, because enough
QRP stations will call them.

I could go either way on this.  It is a good thing to promote QRP
activity in the contests.  This is the fastest growth area and is
responsible for increased activity during a time when people keep
expecting participation to decrease.  However, I am not sure it 
would really change much behavior by the higher power operators.

It would also totally invalidate all of the existing records for
the contest.  Having a few hundred QSOs count for doube points would
make a significant change to the SS scores.  I am not sure this
would be a good thing.

Tree N6TR
(#3 High Power '98 SS CW - #2 QRP Power '98 SS SSB)

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