[CQ-Contest] RE: [ct-user] CT 93.9 scoring bug?!

Ken Wolff kwolff at ultranet.com
Thu Apr 1 07:26:06 EST 1999

Thanks to a sharp eyed K6GT, another bug is history! Lucky for me, the bug
was only in the reporting at the bottom of each log page. Here is an

CQ WORLD WIDE WPX CONTEST CQ                    Page 1

            CALLSIGN: K1EA           MODE: CW                   BAND: ALL


    11-Feb-99   0521     1  14.000 K1AA         599 1         K1      1
    01-Apr-99   0714     2   3.500 K1AR         599 2                 1
    01-Apr-99   0715     3   3.500 NP4A         599 1         NP4     4

   Totals This Page:     3                                     2       7

  Cumulative Totals:     3                                     2       7

The score in the summary sheet is correct, the totals at the bottom of each
.ALL page are wrong (due to two points for in-country low band QSOs).

The next version posted will correct the problem.

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Hi contesters,

Please tell me it's my problem alone!!!

If you use CTv9.39 and did a "Writelog" at the end of your WPX
effort, you might have done better than you think!  If I total the
points from each of my WPX.10...WPX.80 files, (I didn't do 160), I
get a certain number.  The same number is reflected at the bottom of
my WPX.all file.

UNFORTUNATELY, this is NOT the number which was picked up on my
WPX.sum file!!!  The culprit is (for me) on 80 meters.  I get the
correct number of QSO's, and the correct number of (new) Multipliers,
but the "points" (and, therefore, "points/qso") is WRONG!

Like I said, I hope it's only me...  but an easy solution is to use
the "points" figure from the WPX.80 file to edit the summary sheet;
of course you'll want to calculate your new (higher) total!!!


George T. Daughters, K6GT

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