[CQ-Contest] Upcoming special event UK prefixes

Richard Gelber RGelber at compuserve.com
Thu Apr 1 23:59:37 EST 1999

The following is from the RSGB web page.  .CTY file maintainers take note;
The time period in question covers the WPX-CW, IARU, and IOTA contests:

-------->    On the 6th of May, elections will take place for the
                  Scottish Parliament and for the Welsh Assembly. The
                  first meetings are due to take place on dates to be
                  decided by the appropriate First Minister. The July
                  meeting of the reconvened Scottish Parliament, in
                  Edinburgh, will be the first of its kind since the Act of
                  Union in 1707. In the same month the new Assembly will
                  meet in Wales.
                  In recognition of these important occasions, the RSGB
                  applied for special prefixes to be used in Scotland and
                  Wales during this period. Following discussions with the
                  Radiocommunications Agency, the Society is pleased to
                  announce that the application has been successful.
                  The RA has agreed that anyone operating in Wales or
                  Scotland during the period the 6th of May to the 31st of
                  July 1999 may change their prefix as follows:
                  In Scotland, GM stations may become 2S {‘Two
                  Sierra’}, those with MM prefixes may use 2A {‘Two
                  Alfa’}, whilst those with Novice callsigns may use 2T
                  {‘Two Tango’}. In Wales, GW stations may use 2C
                  {‘Two Charlie’}, MW stations can use 2X {‘Two
                  X-Ray’}, whilst Welsh Novices can use 2Y {‘Two
                  Once again, those optional special prefixes may be used
                  in Scotland and Wales only between the 6th of May and
                  the 31st of July. The prefix ‘2’ has until now been used
                  for UK Novice licensees only.   -------------------<

Here it is in tabular form:

2S=GM,  2A=MM,   2T=2M  (Scotland)
2C=GW,  2X=MW,  2Y=2W  (Wales)

(de Rich K2WR)

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