[CQ-Contest] Some hints - Re: Contesters detained

Andi & Zoli HA1AG at compuserve.com
Sat Apr 3 17:30:41 EST 1999

Bob, Dennis et al,

I often travel with radios or other radio equipment through customs. In
order to avoid the problems when coming back Ialways  fill out a
declaration before I leave where I have to list the type and serial number
of my equipment(s). The customs officer signs it and stamps it when I
leave. When I'm coming back I only have to show them this paper. I used the
same type of declaration all over EU and in Asia. You should have something
similar in the USA as well.

>This should serve as a warning to those travelling with their 
>radios to make yourselves look as much like a tourist and 
>have your luggage look as "normal" as possible.

Agree 100%. However if you're once taken out of the queue it's better to
look "special". Have QSLs of your former expeditions and some color photo
QSLs of other DXpeds. They come very handy if you have to explain the
meaning of amateur radio and DXpeditioning to someone who has never heard
of it. 

>In order to avoid this (and lighten my burden) I traded the 940 
>for an 850. An 850 fits inside suitcases that have the extendable 
>handles and can be wheeled down the aisles in an airplane easily.
>There are other radios that are in this category like the IC751 with 
>the built-in switching supply. It's too bad that radios that are in the 
>competitive ranks (1000MP, IC775 etc) are bigger than this.

If you look carefully you can find carry-on suitcases even for the MP as
well. Last year I bought an elegant-looking Delsey Enduro case, which looks
like the carry-on used by those freqent-flyer types to take their suits
with them. The MP exactly fits in and there is even soom room for some
protective foam around the rig. It has some hidden sidepockets for the
cables (I was often asked to power on the radio - so I always bring at
least the power cord in the radio's case ). The most important thing that
this case complies with the new carry-on standards (hmmm... regarding the
size limits at least).  Since I have this I don't have any problems with
bringing the MP with me (except some sore muscles after the trip...).

73 and gl!

Zoli HA1AG

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