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Barry Kutner w2up at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 8 12:23:09 EDT 1999

On  8 Apr 99, Pete Smith <n4zr at contesting.com> wrote:

> Rob, I had one very early on, and was fascinated by the phonetic voicing
> capabilities.  as a result I spent a lot of time trying to build voice
> files that would string together and sound natural.  My final, reluctant
> conclusion was the same as yours -- but I wouldn't be without it, even if
> just as a CQ machine.  An often overlooked capability is the "backcopy"
> function that lets you capture what just happened on the air for posterity.
>  It's really fun sometimes. 
> 73,  Pete N4ZR
> Loud is good

Just to remind everyone, there are other alternatives to DVP/DVK, etc.

One, which I used for several years is Contest Voice Blaster 
software. It is a DOS-based TSR, was written by K8CC, and sold by 
LTA. It is software that uses your Soundblaster card to record and 
generate the audio files via the F1-F4 keys. Works fine with CT, etc. I 
stopped using it when I started using Writelog (see next paragraph).

Another well-kept secret is W5XD's Writelog for Windows contesting 
software (see NCJ ad or Web site for more info). Writelog is a 
full-function contesting program that supports CW, SSB and RTTY. In 
SSB, the sound card is used to record the audio buffers in standard WAV 
files, which can be edited with your audio editor of choice (unlike 
Contest Voice Blaster which uses a proprietary audio format). Another 
nice thing about Writelog is it uses ALL standard Windows stuff - 
meaning no special config files, hardware changes, etc. just for 
contesting. Personally, I've used Writelog in a few contests over the 
last year or so, and plan on using it instead of CT for all my 
future contesting.
73 Barry
P.S. Just a satisfied user of the above products... This is not a paid 

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