[CQ-Contest] Voice Keyers

Tim Mitchell tim.k9tm at totalink.net
Thu Apr 8 20:16:36 EDT 1999


For what it is worth, here is my experience with Voice Keyers...

In older days, I did not use it at all.  I have always had one but just
didn't like using it.  I could not get in the rhythm for a good run.  Also,
I have been around long enough to have used a tape-loop before DVP/DVK were
available.  About the only time I would use one was one 160m during the day.

As I get better at 2 radio single-op, I use one more and more... it started
out for CQ only and now I also use it for TU QRZ.  That way I am free to
listen on the other radio more and more.  Currently I still do the exchange
myself, no DVK intervention.  It is just as much or more effort to say a
call then push a button.  Also, it messes up the timing of the QSO and I
think it takes longer.

On the receive side of the QSO nothing frustrates me more than someone using
DVP to say the entire exchange.  Then I ask for a repeat and they just push
the button again.  The important thing here is for people to realize that
you may have to say your info more than once or different ways and also
maybe I just need the check (and ask for check only) and they just push the
button and send everything again.  I guess one could argue this is an
operating practice education issue and not a DVK problem.

It is also tough in low band condx when people say (human) K9TM then press a
DVP button for the exchange and the recorded level is different or worse yet
the recorded voice is different.

As I use the DVP more, I try and be picky about the voice and especially the
level between me live and me on DVP.  The closer I get these the happier I
am with the results and also the better I think it works.  So as my voice
degrades, I make new copies of the messages.

When the DVP first came out, there were many people using it for the entire
exchange.  IMHO it was bad.  It seems that most people have realized that at
this time it is a novelty item.  I don't think you will find anyone who is
real competitive using one for the entire exchange.

Like any other aid it can be useful if used properly and at appropriate
times.  Appears that you already have some observations on using one.  My
advice is to keep playing with it until you figure out how it will work best
for you and your style.

Good luck.  73 Tim K9TM

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