[CQ-Contest] Canadian Multipliers

David A. Pruett k8cc at ix.netcom.com
Sun Apr 11 23:42:02 EDT 1999


Thanks for your note on Canadian multipliers.  I found it very informative
and intend to keep it as a reference.

FYI, I edited down the MQP rules to not consume TOO much bandwidth on the
reflector.  In the official rules on the web site and the information
packet we hand out, we explicitly spell out the thirteen Canadian
"entities" which we consider multipliers.

I'm glad you pointed out that sections are another matter separate from
provinces, et al.  On the other hand, why is Labrador a multiplier if its
not a province?

Perhaps the most warped are the Sprint rules, which (unless they've been
changed recently) state Canadian multipliers are call areas VE1-VE8.  Geez
- we got VE9s, VY1s, VY2s, etc. - are these not welcome to participate in
the Sprint?  People have occasionally hassled me for years because NA's
Sprint multipliers are VE1, VE2, etc.  Read the rules...



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