[CQ-Contest] Re:Alpha 78 and FT1000MP?

The Cashen's cashen at ozemail.com.au
Wed Apr 14 23:02:01 EDT 1999

My FT-1000MP keys my Alpha 78 just fine every time for 6 months now. The MP
keys a linear by closing a relay contact to chassis ground at the Tx phono
jack when the lin switch is on.   The Alpha requires just that to close its
keying relay. The voltage/current rating of the MP relay is 220VDC/300mA
and the Alpha voltage is 28v max. A brief look at the Alpha circuit
suggests the current is modest and  certainly less than 100ma.  For QSK cw
keying the the MP relay is disabled  and the Alpa is keyed directly.  There
is a warning on p69 of the MP manual which suggests that QSK should be
approached carefully.
For normal keying its No Worries Mate!

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cashen at ozemail.com.au
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