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Russ Pillsbury k2txb at dxcc.com
Wed Apr 14 15:38:08 EDT 1999

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> > I think a much better solution is for everyone to talk up the
> > sprints and encourage the other people in your area to get on.
> > Join or start a club and make it a club activity.  Have your
> > club issue it's own awards for participation.  Have the club
> > help get new people on the higher bands with
> > loan programs and antenna parties and club construction or purchase
> > projects.  Use the bands at other times than just contests to keep the
> > interest in those bands flowing.
> One of the best things that helps the activity in the NCJ Sprints
> (the original Sprint) is the team competition.  This would be a good
> step to increase participation.

Yes that would be good.

> > I don't really think the weekday issue is very important.  Who
> > cannot give up the time from 7 to 11 for one night a week for a
> > few weeks.  Heck many people would simply be watching the TV if
> > not contesting.  It's just a matter of getting them interested
> > enough to make it a priority.
> This would be hard with 3 kids.  I think a weekend afternoon would be
> better - but that is just my personal preference.

I've received 2 comments about having kids making it hard, but my experience
with the kids is that weekends, particularly Saturdays, are even harder.
The kids always have places to be taken and sport events that the parents
have to attend on weekends.  And now that my kids are grown, I often find
that I have to be pretty jealous of my own weekends because that's about the
only time I have to get things done around here.

I think the bottom line is, when you are busy raising kids, ham radio has to
take a back seat, and you have to feel grateful when and if you find the
time and energy left to operate!

But the biggest reason to keep it in the evenings is that conditions on 2
meters and up are usually better in the evening.  Note that during the full
weekend contests activity is usually in a lull during the afternoon.
(That's due to poor conditions AND all the people out running their kids
around :)

OTOH, the six meter spring is on Saturday, also to take advantage of
conditions on that band.

73, Russ K2TXB

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