[CQ-Contest] RE: [WSVHF] VHF Sprints

Tim Mitchell tim.k9tm at totalink.net
Wed Apr 14 22:41:19 EDT 1999

K2TXB wrote:
>Not at all, and I don't agree that contests are designed to see who can
>nonstop contacts the fastest.  That's part of it, but skill in knowing
>and when to point the antenna, experience in knowing what to listen for,
>to dig out the weak ones, and how to maximize the chances that the other
>station will hear your information correctly, and a lot of other factors go
>into making a successful contest operation.

The actual goal in a contest is to score more points than anyone else.  In
order to do this it takes all of the things you mentioned... including that
which you apparently don't want to do (make qso's).  The winners do all the
things you sited as skill things and they make lots of qsos (because of
their skill!).  The competition is qsos * mults, the only way to increase
score is to make more qso's... the more qso's the better chance you have of
working more mults.  It is simple math.

K2TXB wrote:
>PS: For example, I worked 154 stations on 2 meters this sprint.  The top
>station in this area worked 226 q's.  If we take 150 stations, and work
>on 6 and 2, and then work half of those stations on 222 and 432, and then
>work half of them on 903 and 1296, we come up with a total of 525 q's in
>just 4 hours.  That's 2.2 qso's per minute including band changes, with no
>time out to drink or pee!  It might be fun to do it once, but it's not my
>idea of a good contest.

If VHF/UHF contesting ever gets to these levels, it would be interesting to
me.  At this point I stay out of VHF/UHF contesting as it is boring to me.
To sit around and make 20 qso's in 4 hours would be a total waste of time
(to me)... to make 200 or more would be great... to make the 500 you
mentioned would be most excellent!

73 Tim K9TM

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