[CQ-Contest] Help on choice of CW Narrow filter

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Thu Apr 15 10:33:17 EDT 1999

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Help on choice of CW Narrow filter


I have used 250 Hz for years in contests and DXing with my ICOM781.  Its
fairly rare that those calling me, and remember this occurs only if you are
running CQ, are off far enough to cause a problem, I can quickly use the RIT
knob to center them.  I suppose there are some that are so far off frequency
that I miss them entirely and of course I can't tell you how many fall into
this category as I never hear them.  I don't think its significant however.

But since I am not a big gun, my antennas don't stack up!,  I mainly search
and pounce, in which case there is no zero beating problem as its up to me
to be on frequency, which I am.

In the case of DX'ing its almost exclusively a matter of calling the DX
station, in which case again zero beating is my problem, i.e. its no
problem!  For split frequency operation its up to the DX to scan for me, so
again its no problem.

So I like the 250Hz filters.  I do have switches to widen the filter, but I
always run with the tightest position.

Ron N5IN

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