[CQ-Contest] IC 706 Mk2 and Heil HC5

Jacques SAGET f6bee at compuserve.com
Thu Apr 15 14:37:40 EDT 1999

Hi All

I'm quite sure something already appeared on the subject a couple of months
ago :
I'm preparing some operation in the IARU RS (and following week) from some
semi rare location during my July vacation. I can't take a heavy
contester's radio but only a small IC706 Mk2. A boom mike headset will be
so much more convenient than the Icom handheld microphone that comes with
the radio. My prefered US agent brought me an  Icom RJ**/8 pin adapter
cable and I made another one Heil/Icom but I can't get any modulation from
the HC5 pluged to the 706. As I don't own any other Icom radio with usual 8
pin mike connector, I might be wrong in the connector pinout but I'm afraid
the output level of the Heil HC5 element is too low for the IC706 input
designed for electret type microphone (I think).

All ideas or solution are welcome. If none, I will stay on CW!

73 de Jacques, F6BEE  <f6bee at compuserve.com>

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